Union Criminal Investigation Division Unit 314
AKA: The Unmentionables

The Unmentionables unit, based out of Station 314, is an Internal Affairs team known for their ruthless exposés into felony crimes and serious violations of military law and the Planetary Union Code within the Union fleet. The UCID command is a separate investigative force with full autonomy. UCID investigators do not charge individuals with crimes. Rather they investigate allegations and turn official findings over to the appropriate command and/or legal authority. They often do assist in performing arrests, but not under their own authority.

Their relentless pursuit of truth, justice, and the Union way makes the Unmentionables vastly unwelcome in many establishments, but such is the fate of professional hard-asses. Anybody interested in cracking heads and cases need look no further.

This sim is rated 16+.

Latest Mission Posts

» An unstoppable force and an immovable object

Mission: Mission 1 - "Pound of Flesh"
Posted on Wed Jan 13th, 2021 @ 7:52am by Lieutenant Jonathan "Jon" Anderson & Civilian Cetus Lapetus

The cup of coffee on Jon's desk sat cold. He had drank half of it before the morning reports had come in and then spent the next hour trying to figure out why the morning reports were on his desk, compaining, and then refusing to comment on all media requests.…

» Be a Dear and Throw Someone Under the Bus

Mission: Mission 1 - "Pound of Flesh"
Posted on Wed Jan 13th, 2021 @ 7:21am by Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Snitcher & Lieutenant Commander Talina Sarafian & Lieutenant Commander Franklin Hidelstien

The door chime sounded and Miss Stacy, the secretary in charge of the UCID front desk looked up. Before she could get to her feet the door hissed open and in walked a man in a sinple jacket and shirt. He wore a visitor's badge and had the kind of…

» 52 Card Pickup

Mission: Mission 1 - "Pound of Flesh"
Posted on Thu Jan 7th, 2021 @ 7:46am by Lieutenant Commander Talina Sarafian & Ensign Miala Rotai

Talina walked out of her office with her case report in hand. Of course she could have sent it electronically from her desk, but there was something satisfying about manually turning in a job well done. No press of a button could ever equal the feeling of handing off the…

» Deuces Ex Machina

Mission: Mission 1 - "Pound of Flesh"
Posted on Thu Dec 24th, 2020 @ 12:50am by Lieutenant Commander Talina Sarafian & Civilian Josh Cagney & Petty Officer First Class Sparrow Kells & Chief Petty Officer Spencer Malone

"As you can all see, we're down by one since the last time we were in here," Talina began. "Lieutenant Klein will be missed, but we must grieve for him later. Right now we still have a case to crack."

She did her best not to stare at Cagney whose…

» Devils in the Details

Mission: Mission 1 - "Pound of Flesh"
Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 10:05pm by Civilian Cetus Lapetus & Civilian Josh Cagney & Lieutenant Junior Grade Teagan McGuire Ph.D.

"There we go!"

Cagney leaned back in his chair and gave a jubilant clap. Small successes were to be celebrated when one found them.

"That's the last algorithm for the background searches." He knit his brow in thought. "It's really kind of funny nobody had done that yet. Oh well."…