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Petty Officer First Class Sparrow Kells

Name Sparrow Kells

Position Cryptologist

Rank Petty Officer First Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 132lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green


Father Farley Kells - Father - British Intelligence Officer
Mother Gina Kells - Mother - Linguistic Archaeologist
Other Family Pippa Marley - Older sister - Married with 2 kids - 33
Lion (Lionel) Kells - Older brother - 31
Phoenix Kells - Younger sister - 24 (deceased 2420)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sparrow gives her all to everything she does, but she is prone to pushing herself beyond her limits without recognising that she has any. Her drive to reach a conclusion can lead her to avoid sleep, socialising and anything besides the mission in hand. Her talents have always been so useful to others that people generally ignore her flaws in favour of the work getting done.

When frustrated, stuck or derailed in her pursuit of the job in hand she has a quick temper that manifests in inventive cursing, physical exertion or violence. The violence usually manifests towards inanimate objects rather than people, but willing opponents for a sparring session or partners for exercise and exertion are always welcome.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Natural aptitude for languages and cyphers. Tenacious, strong-willed and decisive.

Obsessive. Borderline autistic. Stress/tiredness manifests physically.
Ambitions Fix/solve every damn thing in the universe within her power.
Hobbies & Interests Work. Contact Sports. Plays drums.

Personal History Sparrow was born in London (2395) and grew up in the UK to the age of 14. Recruited from primary school (aged 8) for GCHQ. Already spoke multiple languages, including one that she and her younger sister created together and spoke exclusively.

Hacked into a wayward alien tech signal (possibly Kaylon) at ten. Spent a year following this down the coding rabbit hole and speaking in tongues.

Travelled extensively with her mother who worked on linguistic and archaeological contract work for civilian and military agencies. Moved to the US with her family aged 14 to work on a joint venture with US Intelligence Agencies. Attended Union Point, which she completed in 3 years instead of the usual four. Graduated at 17 with distinction and merits, and taught the instructors a few new tricks along the way.

Created an isolated mini-AI hacker program (named Ch4d) based on Kaylon software tech. Ch4d went solo and diversified into online gaming with its (exclusively online) individual identity and presence. Ch4d is still Sparrow’s pet project.

Spent six years travelling on a Black Ops Union vessel. Extensive research into Kaylon tech as well as cyphers used by Union ships. Ch4d now contained within her personal terminal and working as a co-operative AI - not yet ready to infiltrate, but that’s the goal.

Things shifted a year ago when her younger sister was found dead in her own apartment. The official verdict was suicide, but Sparrow has never believed this to be true. Her priorities shifted and her focus polarised, but as yet she’s been unable to prove anything.
Service Record 2403-2409 GCHQ - hacker/translator (8-14)
2409-2411 Union Point (14-17)
2412-2413 Solo journey around the world via low budget means (17-18)
2413-2419 Black Ops Union Vessel (18-24)
2420-2421 Sol System