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Civilian Cetus Lapetus

Name Cetus Lapetus

Position UNN Correspondent

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 62

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 155lbs
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Flamboyantly dignified and fabulous.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Equal parts duke, columnist, and rock star.

Personal History Cetus Lapetus is the nom de plume for Rupert Carlomann Jefferson Saxe-Coburg, the most recent contemporary heir of a worthless and antiquated title of Western European nobility. After spending many decades living a life of old-money luxury in pointless self-aggrandizement, Rupert turned to scholastic pursuits of a slightly different sort. The salacious gossip from royal courts of ages past has now turned to cutting-edge developments and reports within the Union Fleet. Using his family connections in Union Central, Rupert adopted a pen name befitting his curious and eccentric view of Union politics and stellar gossip.