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Lieutenant Junior Grade Teagan McGuire

Name Teagan Shelby McGuire Ph.D.

Position Behavioral Analyst

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description : Teagan is tall for a woman, and despite her habit for junk food, tends to fall on the slimmer side of what is appropriate for her frame. She is more athletic than most people realize, having grown up playing basketball with her brothers, though that athleticism hasn’t translated to confidence when it comes to matters of combat and self-defense. Her coloring reflects her dual Irish and Italian heritage, with her pale skin having a slightly olive hue.

She isn’t reluctant to smile or laugh most of the time, though when deep in thought or worried, she tends to squint unbeknownst to her.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sean McGuire, Detective, New York City Police Department
Mother Valerie Palmieri-McGuire, A.D.A., assigned to the Sex Crimes Unit, New York City Police Department (retired)
Brother(s) Anthony McGuire, Public Defender, New York Legal Aid Society

Daniel McGuire, Patrolman, New York City Police Department

Sister(s) Sydney Paige O'Connor, Harvard Law Student

Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although she has spent a good portion of her Union career as an analyst and not as a clinician, Teagan hasn’t forgotten her roots or her clinical training, and she uses them to her advantage in her work as a profiler. Teagan has the confidence and the maturity to adapt to just about any environment. She is devoted to her work and prefers using common sense over complicated, and oftentimes outdated, procedure. Teagan will never sugarcoat things, even when the topic is her own family, but she is not one to be tactless or insensitive, especially when it comes to her professional and personal relationships.

She is not afraid to speak her mind when it comes to the safety and well-being of her colleagues. Teagan uses humor and sarcasm to ease tension, but never loses sight of the business at hand. She is cool under pressure and relies on her close family ties to keep her focused and grounded. She is also not afraid to ask for help when she needs it or to open her heart and mind to new ideas or cultures. At the core, she is an old fashioned Catholic who has incredibly strong faith in people and in justice. Growing up among lawyers and police officers, she understands what's right and wrong isn't always black and white, but she has no patience for hotshots who take the law into their own hands or consider themselves deserving of special consideration over others.

Strengths & Weaknesses Teagan enjoys talking to people as a means of understanding them and predicting their behavior. She knows how to put people at ease and isn’t afraid of her own emotions or empathetic nature. She likes to think her education and experience before entering military service gives her a unique perspective for law enforcement and intelligence work. People sometimes underestimate what she has to contribute given her experience as a therapist and victim advocate, but Teagan isn’t afraid to use her skills or others’ misconceptions to her advantage. She grew up in a family of mostly male cops, so she isn’t intimidated by working in what may be perceived as a male-dominated field. Her mother taught her there is more to strength than mere physical prowess and she also taught her she can be feminine without sacrificing any of her credibility.

Teagan's greatest strength, her ability to empathize with people, can be a challenge at times. Intellectually, she knows she can't allow her emotions to compromise her work, but some investigations have left their mark. She is always working on maintaining the balance between objective profiler and functioning, healthy, feeling human being. Her faith and her upbringing also elicit thoughts of one day marrying and having a family, but she isn’t sure if those ambitions will ever truly be compatible with her professional aspirations.

Ambitions Teagan’s greatest ambitions are to one day marry and have children, though she knows her work makes this difficult.
Hobbies & Interests Teagan makes a point of keeping up with the latest research in clinical and forensic psychology. She is particularly passionate about helping trauma survivors overcome their struggles, so she is particularly interested in research related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Teagan also has always been interested in the law generally, and enjoys learning about legal matters, regardless of whether they pertain to mental health.

She has a weakness for junk food, particularly sweets, and enjoys soap operas of all varieties, not for the romance, as people assume, but for the character study. She enjoys observing the characters and sometimes thinking about what motivates them. Most of the time, however, she enjoys blowing off steam by simply laughing at them.

Personal History Teagan (pronounced Tee-ghan) Shelby McGuire was born August 20, 2388 in New York City, New York. Her parents, Sean McGuire, a Protestant of Irish descent, and Valerie Palmieri, a devout Catholic of Italian descent, were a forbidden match for their still very traditional families. As high school sweethearts, the two had planned to continue to date in secret until they were both old enough to run away and get married, but a year into their relationship, Valerie became pregnant with Sean's child. Unable to care for a child and pressured by their families to avoid the stigma of having a child out of wedlock, Valerie and Sean agreed to end their relationship and give their daughter, Sydney Paige, up for adoption.

Five years later, Valerie and Sean were reunited while both were attending New York University. While they discovered they still shared a love for one another, they also realized they shared a passion for the criminal justice system. Sean majored in criminal justice and planned to enter the local police academy, while Valerie pursued a pre-law degree and dreamed of going to law school. Despite pressure from both their families to put an end to their courtship, Sean and Valerie were determined to succeed, and married shortly after graduation. The decision to marry placed a strain on the relationships each shared with their parents, and to this day matters have not been completely resolved.

The newlyweds quickly settled into married life, thriving in New York City's diverse community. Although it was difficult to juggle going to school, keeping full-time jobs and maintaining their marriage, the McGuires still found time to raise a family with love and patience. The youngest of three children, Teagan was the apple of her father's eye and the typical meddling baby sister to her two older brothers, Anthony and Daniel. For as long as the McGuire children can remember, their parents have always worked hard to educate themselves and to build a better life for their children. Considering themselves the average blue collar family, Sean found his niche in the NYPD and quickly moved up the ranks to become a top detective, while Valerie graduated in the top ten percent in her law school class and went on to become an Assistant District Attorney for the city's Sex Crimes Division.

Although it was never pushed upon them, the McGuire children each knew from an early age they wanted to pursue careers in criminal justice and law. All three developed their parents' passion for justice and for making a difference in people's lives, regardless of species, gender or background, but it was Teagan who struggled the most to discover her true calling. On the outside, Teagan was the ultimate outgoing, fearless tomboy, happy to be just "one of the guys," but on the inside, Teagan felt shy, sensitive and more comfortable studying than she did playing sports or keeping a part-time job. While her family was always concerned with establishing the facts when it came to criminal cases, Teagan always found herself more pre-occupied with the impact of crimes on communities and what motivated the offender to commit the crime in the first place.

It wasn't until she started her second year at New York University, while studying pre-law, that Teagan realized her heart and her true talents lay in the field of psychology. Psychology courses helped Teagan discover her strengths, her weaknesses and her passion for understanding people, not merely enforcing the law. She realized she could be true to herself and still accomplish her goals. While the psychology field offered a variety of career paths, Teagan knew from the start that she was meant to study forensic psychology, the intersection between psychology and the legal and criminal justice systems. Almost immediately after changing her major, Teagan made a complete transformation from a sensitive, shy tomboy to a compassionate, outgoing young woman. Friends began to see Teagan gain more confidence, drive, and focus.

Although she had always been a good student, it wasn't until she found psychology she truly began to reach her full academic potential. Her courses also gave her greater exposure to information about other cultures, nurturing her desire for exploration and adventure. Not only was she making the transition from a young woman to an adult, she was also becoming less sheltered and more sophisticated. This new found sophistication creates some resentment in the family even today, particularly among her brothers, who sometimes feel Teagan believes she has become too good for her own family and its simple traditions.

Teagan went on to earn her Master's and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from New York University while Anthony and Daniel went on to build careers of their own. Teagan chose to specialize in Forensic Psychology, with her eye on working alongside members of law enforcement Building on this concentration within her doctoral program and wanting to further her knowledge and experience beyond her roots, Teagan competed and won a post-doctoral one year fellowship with Union Security and Intelligence and noted forensic psychologist in the Union Criminal Investigation Division, Dr. Andrea Markham. The fellowship enabled Teagan to further her experience with profiling and behavioral analysis Union wide.

Following her fellowship, Teagan elected to take a job as a clinical and forensic psychologit se to work within the Union Security Rape and Sex Crimes Unit. Teagan’s particular passion for working with survivors of rape and other closely related violent crimes such as domestic violence and child abuse made her a natural fit for the unit.

While on this assignment, she met fellow psychologist Gustav Gregersen. The two worked well together and learned from each other. Teagan gained additional experience gathering intelligence and analyzing behavior at a macro level, while Gregersen came to appreciate Teagan’s insights as a clinician.

After two years of service, Teagan was homesick and ready for a change of scenery.
Dr. Markham encouraged McGuire to consider furthering her career by working with the Union on a permanent basis. Teagan promised to consider it, but planned to go into private practice and to work as a consultant for the New York court system.

That dream quickly lost its luster. Finding herself in a practice with partners who were more concerned with making a profit than with making a difference, and with a caseload comprised of mostly philandering husbands and wives, Teagan had begun to re-think her choice of careers. When Andrea Markham showed up at her door and asked her to consider joining the Union with an eye toward criminal investigation. Markham believed Teagan’s education and training, in addition to her lack of affiliation with the military would provide a fresh and objective perspective for their cases. McGuire saw it as an opportunity to be of service beyond her own backyard.

Because of her prior education and experience, Teagan was permitted to complete her Union Point general training in three years. Training not only focused on advanced studies in areas such as Union law and procedure, but also tested her physically, as she was required to learn how to defend herself and to handle a weapon. Teagan became competent in these areas, but she is far more accustomed to managing problems using her intellect rather than shows of force.

After graduation from Union Point, she received her first posting abboard Station 314’s UCID team as its Behavior Analyst.

Service Record 2414 – 2415: Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Trauma and Forensic Psychology, Federation Security

2415 – 2417: Psychologist/Victim Advocate, Rape and Sex Crimes Unit, Union Security

2417 – 2418: Psychologist in private practice and Psychological Consultant for the New York City Courts, New York City, Earth

2421: Behavior Analyst – UCID 314 “The Unmentionables”