Specifications - Station 314


Station 314 is the home of Sector 314's Sector Commander and the greater UCID field office. The Unmentionables' bull pen is located on the administrative level within the central hub.

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 3 - Civilian, Commercial, and Fleet
Shuttles The Unmentionables unit has six dedicated shuttlecraft for use.

ECV-314-12 USS Earp
ECV-314-13 USS Holliday
ECV-314-14 USS Oakley
ECV-314-15 USS Hickok
ECV-314-16 USS Jane
ECV-314-17 USS Ness

A shuttle seats six passengers, including two seats for pilots with navigational controls. At maximum capacity, a shuttle can carry at least 30 people. Shuttles come equipped with lockers storing weapons, equipment belts, medical equipment, comscanners for landing parties, and environmental suits. Food Synthesizers create food and drink. The viewscreen can magnify objects or filter light to reduce brightness. The back of the shuttle is a ramp leading up to the hatchway.

As with larger vessels, shuttles possess Deflector Screens for protection. In inhospitable environments such as the high gravity world of Xelaya, an energy field may be extended to protect the immediate area around the shuttle. To venture beyond that would typically require an environmental suit. In addition, shuttles are equipped with cloaking devices which allow them to evade hostile forces. By reducing the field radius, the cloak of a shuttle may be focused like a lens which can render individual objects or even people invisible. However, Union shuttlecraft have little in terms of weaponry; unlike their Krill counterparts, Union shuttles have no torpedo launchers.

Union shuttle systems are powered through high-energy dysonium. Versatile extending airlocks allow Union shuttles to latch on to many different kinds of docks encountered in space.