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Se7en Missing Persons

Posted on Thu Dec 26th, 2019 @ 11:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Talina Sarafian & Petty Officer First Class Sparrow Kells & Chief Petty Officer Spencer Malone

Mission: Mission 1 - "Pound of Flesh"
Location: Unmentionables Briefing Room | Admin Hub - Station 314
Timeline: MD 3

Talina was the first one to the briefing room, as was fitting. No good chief led from behind. At least none worth their salt. By the time the others arrived, she was already set up. There was a holographic interface, but Talina left that alone in favor of the laser pen and poly-board. Some things were best done the old fashioned way. She wrote seven names in two columns--three names in one column, four in the other.

Turning to face her team, at least those who were on duty (she made yet another note to verify the scheduling rotation to ensure nobody was playing hooky), she used her laser pen to underline each name.

"While in transit, I noted that seven missing persons reports have been filed in past weeks. That number is far above normal, and since the unit hasn't caught a case for awhile, I've decided we're going to look into these cases to see what lies behind them." The stare of her stark brown eyes would brook no argument. "Read these names. Commit them to memory. Keep them at the forefront of your mind because we are going to find out what happened to each and every one."

Spencer was already taking notes on his tablet. He narrowed his eyes at the board. It wasn't that he couldn't see or was mad about anything, it was how he thought and what his face did while he was thinking. Seven missing people was indeed quite a few. He wondered why they hadn't been assigned any of this before. He wrote down the names just as Talina had presented them with two lists.

She'd been about to comment, but decided against it at the look in the boss' eyes. Official or unofficial, looking for missing persons was a worthy goal, and Lt Cdr Sarafian was right. Seven was a significant number, large enough to draw attention. Prime. Sparrow silently worked up a code by which to memorise the names, and though the process was entirely internal, she gave a curt nod when she was done.

"Now," Talina said, moving on. "I've separated the missing persons into two categories--station residents and passengers. We're going to pair up and see what kicks loose. Malone and I will pay a visit to the station Chamber of Commerce to see if we can track down where the missing residents worked and were last seen. That leaves Klein and Kells to investigate the docking bays. Speak with the commercial dock manager, but drop a dime on the other two docks if necessary. Any questions?"

Spencer shook his head. "No questions yet, Boss. At least not from me."

"Yes," said Sparrow with an upward nod to Talina. "Is there any pre-existing connection you're aware of from their files? Has anyone added anything to the files since they were reported missing?" She paused for a moment, then continued. "Who reported them missing?"

"That's part of what we're going to run down," Talina said. "Most of the reports include the names of those who filed them, presumably next of kin or associates, but some reports were auto-generated by the system due to consecutive missed appointments and repeat failed check-ins." Turning her eyes back to the board for a moment, she said, "No connection between them is apparent, which is likely why the Defense officers haven't made it a priority. But that connection is what we're going to look for. Somewhere these people crossed paths in the past two weeks, and we're going to find out when and where."

Made sense. Sparrow considered the proactive nature of this investigation and notched up a tiny brownie point for their new boss. "Missing people should be a priority," she stated, a frown taking up temporary residence through that thought. "But this process is clunky. It will take time. I'll run the data from the system, then add in whatever we find..." She was stating fact rather than asking for permission, but Sparrow did look to those present for any dissention.

Talina gave an approving nod. "Excellent. We'll all pursue our leads and compare notes afterward. Let's get to it."

Spencer lifted his tablet stylus. "Do you want me to run down where each person was last seen? If we have any of that information. I also think we need to put together a map of what we know, where these people live and work. See if there's any crossed paths there?"

"Absolutely. Get a preliminary map generated and we'll update it as we go." Talina was very nearly impressed with such initiative.

Spencer nodded and got up out of his seat. "Alright, I'm gonna get started."

"Fine. Do that while Klein takes point," Talina said. "On me, Malone. We've got leads to chase."


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