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Don't You Know Who I Am?!

Posted on Mon May 25th, 2020 @ 7:37pm by Civilian Cetus Lapetus & Lieutenant Nathan Klein

Mission: Mission 1 - "Pound of Flesh"
Location: UCID Interview Room 1 | Station 314
Timeline: MD 3

"Coffee, water, tea?" Klein asked, standing in the doorway of the interview room. He'd chosen to sit the man in the interview room where the door responded only to members of the team. He was stuck inside and every time Cetus proceeded to give him some sort of attitude he'd get up and leave the room. He'd figure it out one way or another Klein mused as he stood there looking disinterested.

"I think it's a little late for tea time, don't you?" Cetus said with a roll of his eyes. "As if any of the swill you have is whatsoever palatable."

"Maybe I like swill," He said, approaching the table and sitting down across from him.

"Now, your colleague... was he here on official business? And if so tell me about it," Klein began.

Cetus' eyes bulged out of his head in a most undignified manner. "Learn your pronouns, you intractable troglodyte! My colleague is Ilyana Gorky, and she did not specify why she was here. Likely she was in pursuit of a story, but I have no record to that effect. That is why I was trying to spark the two remnant neurons from the docking manager into conjuring a coherent thought when you so rudely interrupted."

"Oh, you must not have seen him in a while he's down to one now," Klein responded. "According to the official records there is no reason given for the visit but the Petty Officer who is talking to the dock staff now will find anything there is to find. You know, sir," he said, and he used that time lightly. "We have very similar jobs... our end goal is different but the way we accomplish it is very much the same. I think we should end the hostility and work together. After all I have some weight to throw around and you have the ability to poke your nose into things that aren't exactly... on the up and up for a Government Agent."

"Quid pro quo, hm?" Cetus gave a knowing smirk. "Traditionally such an offer is accompanied by what you're going to do for me."

"Find your friend, let you out of this room, the list goes on really," Klein said, smacking the table. "I should have gotten myself coffee."

"Are you threatening me, Mr. Agent Man? Let me get my advocate in here to get it on video!" Cetus pounded the table back.

"Threaten?" Klein responded incredulously. "I would never threaten anyone, sir. I do have to go get some coffee though I feel like it'll help," he stood from his chair. "As for an advocate I don't think you're under arrest, what would you need one for?"

Cetus Lapetus stood to his feet. "Then I am free to go. Ta!"

"Only if you can open the door," Klein mused. "Let me just remind you that I didn't show up here treating the people who can actually make a difference for the person you're looking for and treat them like shit. That was you. So until you figure out that it's time to cooperate we're not going to get very far."

Stomping off to the door, Cetus Lapetus gave it a firm tug, then another. "If I'm not under arrest, then open this door!"

Nathan laughed at him, "sit down and calm yourself."

"Stop playing games!" Cetus gave a petulant stomp of his foot. "I've already said everything I have to say, so let me go right this second or I'm going to scream!"

"You haven't told me anything yet," Nathan said. "You've given me nothing but an attitude from the time we met. Who do you think you are? You're not that special... if you were above everyone else like you seem to think you wouldn't be here demanding answers. You'd be respectful, gain the trust of the people you need to interview, talk to them... use your brain to figure it out. Instead, you have a superior attitude for no good reason and you're just as big of a scum bag as the people who may or may not have taken your friend. If you'd like to leave go but if I find out that you did anything above the law or wander into one restricted place I'll be sure that you're in my brig for as long as possible..." he said, scowling at the reporter.

Nathan went to the door and opened it and stood there waiting for Cetus to make his move.

"I'm here to find my lost colleague, you big, stupid oaf." Cetus Lapetus tosses the feathery boa around his neck with a sassy harrumph. "Just you wait, Mr. Secret Agent Man Dirty Mouth. I'll find her before you and then I'll make sure everyone from here to Earth knows it."

With that he walked towards the open door.

"Good luck," Nathan said.

"Save your luck for yourself," the investigative journalist shot back. "You will need it, sir. You will need it."


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